Sharlie is dedicated to her pursuit of painting, and has become quite skilled in this medium. The unique quality of her work reflects her lightness of spirit; she has learned the tools of her craft to be able to create works that are definitely her own.

Her great passion for the work ensures that she will continue to learn and grow.

Helen Sturges Nadler

About Sharlie

I started painting when I retired 14 years ago with a class at RISD beginning with watercolors. My favorite painting is pleine aire as I love to be in my paintings. I start with a felling of beauty about the places I am in and just enjoy the process of drawing and finding my way into what I think I want to paint. Often I discover something more as I go along painting. I settle in, feeling the sun and the wind and often losing a sense of time and myself as if in a meditation. I like my paintings to tell stories and imagine being there. Now I also paint in oils and have joined the Providence Art Club where I love painting with others.

I grew up in Cambridge Ma went to Smith College, majored in History and took an art class....marriage and 4 children not much time for art... volunteered in elementary school and for family planning. I started a yarn shop and began to love color with skeins all around me. Then I went to graduate school for a master's degree in counseling/psychology and worked for Hospice as a volunteer coordinator. I retired and started painting full time.